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Coupling Selector

Diameter Max/Min (mm)

Length Max/Min (mm)

Bores A / B (mm)

Max weight (g)

Service Type

Hours of Use

Max Torque (Nm)

Max speed (Rev/min)

Torsional Stiffness (Nm/rad)

Angular Stiffness (N/deg)

Radial Stiffness (N/mm)

Axial Stiffness (N/mm)

Because every application is different Huco Dynatork makes the widest range of small precision couplings types available from a single manufacturer. But with so many different types offered, we would like to help you find the best solution for your application?

Our selection guide will take the key information that you are able to provide about the application and present you with the part numbers of all of the couplings that fit the criteria, and a link to the detailed specification of each coupling. Selection is based upon

  • Coupling type (mechanism)
  • Dimensions
  • Shaft connections
  • Performance
  • Displacement and
  • Other conditions

Each of these is explained in more detail below. Assistance with each of the data fields can be found by moving your cursor over the button beside the data box.

All of the data fields in the selection program are optional. The more data you enter the narrower your search will be, resulting in a smaller number of coupling options.

Please note that the results given here serve only as a guide to coupling selection based on the data provided. As each application has its own unique characteristics we cannot guarantee coupling performance in any specific application. If you need further help please consult one of our Sales Engineers or email

Selection Criteria

Coupling Type (mechanism)
If you are not sure what coupling type will best suit your application select 'All'. The primary coupling types offered are:

High Precision
Flexible couplings for applications requiring exceptional positional accuracy. Includes HucoFlex M, HucoFlex B and HucoFlex Ni coupling ranges.
Other Flexible
where a flexible mechanism is preferred to compensate for radial or angular misalignment. Includes Huco MultiBeam, Single Beam, Step Beam and Flex P type couplings
Sliding / Pivoting
quite large radial misalignment can often be accommodated but some sliding couplings require shafts to be axially fixed. Includes Huco Oldham and Uni-Lat type couplings.

You can specify the maximum and minimum sizes that will fit your application and, of course, the shaft sizes. If weight is important it can be included here.

Shaft connections
Indicate if a set-screw or clamp connection is preferred

'Service type' or 'hours of use' (per day) will affect the load requirement of the coupling chosen. If you know the torque and speed the coupling will be subjected to it should be entered here. If required , there are also options to specify coupling stiffness in torsional, angular, radial and axial modes.

This section allows you to specify the amount of misalignment the coupling will be required to handle.

Other conditions
If operating temperature or electrical conductivity/insulation are important they can be entered here.