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For many UK manufacturers of lawn and garden equipment, quarry plant, lifting and materials handling systems, Guardian two-piece flywheel couplings are integral to their product’s design. Also used in pump systems driven by small petrol or diesel engines these power transmission components now benefit from Huco Dynatork’s 40 years experience in coupling supply.

Under a new agreement this GUARDEX™ FL flywheel coupling range is now being machined and distributed by Huco Dynatork. The design comprises a heat-stable nylon flywheel flange and steel hub with internal spline or straight bore with keyway. The product is designed for fast and cost effective assembly.

Eight standard sizes accommodate nominal torque up to 1,550Nm (3,875Nm maximum) and speeds up to 5,000 rpm. Flywheel mounting plates and hubs are in ANSI (SAE) sizes –42 to –80. The range is compatible with virtually all hydraulic pumps and bell housings are also available to suit any engine.

An important characteristic of the non-lubricated FL design is the small space it requires. The entire coupling length is normally mounted inside the housing face requiring only a flat pump mounting plate. Crowned teeth accommodate angular misalignment preventing angular force on the pump shaft bearings and seals; they slide freely in the nylon spline with ±2mm of axial travel.

For gas or diesel engine pulley-end operation, Huco Dynatork now also stocks the GUARDEX™ FLD range with moveable sleeve to allow for V-belt replacement without disassembling the pump.

A further option is the GUARDEX™ FH flywheel coupling with elastomeric elements that is beneficial in applications involving a wide speed range and where torque increases with speed. The characteristics of this product are relatively low torsional stiffness that places the critical speed below the operational speed of the system. Five coupling sizes complete this range with nominal torque to 10,000Nm.