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Huco Timing Belts and Pulleys

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A selection of timing belts in different profiles and materials to suit most applications

Selecting Timing Belts
Pulley Diameter - Use as large a pulley diameter as possible to give the best performance with high peripheral speeds. Using a larger diameter minimises the bending stresses in the belt and allows the use of a narrower belt.

Belt Width - It is preferred to select a belt width which is less than the diameter of the smaller pulley. The wider the toothed belt, the higher the possibility of edge stresses occurring in the case of inaccurate assembly. This could cause abrasion and impair the smoothe running of the belt. In marginal cases it may be better to select a larger pitch rather than a wider belt.

Belt Length - Wherever possible, use standard belt lengths. Special lengths can be produced to order but have cost and lead-time disadvantages.

Classic Timing Belts
Less common profile, often supplied for replacement
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HTD Timing Belts
Common industry standard timing belts providing synchronous, completely slip-free power transmission with minimum friction
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Polyurethane Belts
Alternative material timing belts for those applications that demand it
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Classic Pulleys
To suit Classic timing belts
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HTD Pulleys
To suit HTD belts
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Metric Pulleys
To suit Polyurethane belts
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